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Save your Money and Data on iPhone

Attention all my lovely friends who have iPhones and have done the new awesome latest iOS update. Important news for you!! Keep reading.....
Remember in the terms and conditions of the latest update. Apple put a new feature in our phones with this update which we agreed to that we weren't even aware of. Go into your settings...Click on cellular data ..scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "Wifi Assist". Turn it off!! . It "assists" your wifi speed by using your data simultaneously when your wifi has a weak connection. The point of having wifi on is to obviously NOT use your data. This is just their sneaky way to over charge people! Check your phone ASAP and share this post with everyone you know so they don't get taken advantage of either!!!!

On Android M there is a option called Turbo Download which combine your mobile data and wifi but this is off by default.

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