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Error Access PLDT FIBR Modem Default IP address Gateway Solution

How to fix error access in PLDT Fibr Default Gateway

Someone message me that he can no longer access the PLDT Fibr Default Gateway after multiple change WiFi password.

I told her that she should press and hold the reset button for 1 to 2 minutes, but still after he done it  she can no longer.

Fibr Default IP  is
PLDT Fibr user : adminpldt
PLDT Fibr password: 1234567890

Other PLDT Fibr Modem Default User login
User: telecomadmin      User: admintelecom

Well this is new or similar to CD R King Modem if there is Internet connection exist you can not access the default  IP gateway.

Here is screen shoot she provided :

The only solution here is to unplug the cable internet ( the source of connection) on the modem. Then plug the modem with NO internet so you can access again the Default Gateway

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