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Globe Dump Wimax Modem Good bye Free Internet Wimax

Hows your Wimax modem? Tambay nadin ba ?

A few month ago Globe Send a Letter  saying that , their Broadband Wimax technologies can no longer serve our area.

The reason is they upgrading their Tower Frequency to LTE which the new 700Mhrz or the extended LTE. The new 700Mhrz is Fast and can penetrate  wall or buildings.

As of now Globe Telecom signed several agreements with its Chinese partners worth US$750 million with Huawei Technologies, Nokia and Wuhan Fiberhome International Technologies,

I remember when I started posting tutorials Wimax is my number #1  in search result. From 2009 Globe Tabo Wimax Huawei Bm622 , Huawei BM622i, BM622m  to BM623m with WiFi and the Smart Green Packet or MyBro.

There is a lot experience and services  I receive  reconnecting to downgrading firmware of Wimax Modem. All that - come to end! including my career LOL.

Here is a copy of a letter notices from Globe Management. In some area I think there some have Wimax but we don't when they cut off. I have a friend who has working wimax in their area while here on my town disco light lang signal light :v

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