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How to Get and Retrieve existing WiFi Network Password with CMD

Usually they will Enter the WiFi  password  without showing it to you and you want to know it so your other device can be connected or your forgot your own password. 

You can use it too when someone lend you a Laptop you can get all the save Wifi password from them. 

NOTICE: This for education only. Note: Even if the victim has logged you out from the Wifi long time ago you still can hack the password.

You must search for CMD and run as administrator. But you need to trick your victim to connect his Wifi to your PC or Laptop.

Try the following steps:

1) You Need to Open CMD as Administrator
So CMD can get access to full computer networks and another things

2) TYPE: Netsh Wlan show profiles
Press "Enter" 

3) Pick a Wifi name sample PLDT

4) TYPE: Netsh Wlan show profiles 'name u picked' key=clear
Press "Enter"

The passcode/password will be next to Key Content


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