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Android Malware 'Gooligan' Hacked Over 1 Million Google Accounts

If you own an Android smartphone, Beware! A new Android malware that has already breached more than 1 Million Google accounts is infecting around 13,000 devices every day.

Researchers found traces of Gooligan code in dozens of legitimate-looking Android apps on 3rd-party app stores, which if downloaded and installed by an Android user, malware starts sending your device’s information and stolen data to its Command and Control (C&C) server.

According to CheckPoint security researchers, who uncovered the malware, anyone running an older version of the Android operating system, including Android 4.x (Jelly Bean, KitKat) and 5.x, (Lollipop) is most at risk, which represents nearly 74% of Android devices in use today.

Once hack into any Android device, Gooligan also generates revenues for the cyber criminals by fraudulently buying and installing apps from Google Play Store and rating them and writing reviews on behalf of the phone's owner. The malware also installs adware to generate revenue.

Check Point has published an online tool to check if your Android device has been infected with the Gooligan malware. Just open ‘Gooligan Checker’ and enter your Google email address to find out if you've been hacked.

If you found yourself infected, Adrian Ludwig, Google's director of Android security, has recommended you to run a clean installation of the operating system on your Android device.
This process is called 'Flashing,' which is quite a complicated process. So, the company recommends you to power off your device and approach a certified technician or your mobile service provider in order to re-flash your device.

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