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Google Pixel Bubbled Screen

There’s nothing worse than getting your expensive new phone and then having something go wrong with it. Justin Duino from 9to5Google is experiencing a Google Pixel defect and Google’s customer service wasn’t very helpful.

Justin’s Google Pixel defect happens to be a bubbled screen near the headphone jack which, according to his story, Google blamed him for.

One user on Google+ believes he may have the answer to the Google Pixel defect. “Under the glass is a film used for coloring/darkening. That film has disintegrated in that section which is why it’s so oddly shaped and also why it happened so quickly.”

There’s no question that every smartphone is going to experience a defect on occasion and that doesn’t necessarily affect the entire line. Google Pixel owners probably don’t need to worry about their phones forming bubbles under the screen but should be aware it has happened. Stories like this are good information for other owners who may be experiencing this Google Pixel defect but haven’t talked about it. Bringing people into the conversation who’ve experienced the issue could help in pushing Google to investigate more thoroughly.

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