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How to make Google Chrome browser on incognito mode by Default

Instant private browsing Incognito

Private browsing mode doesn’t offer complete privacy, but it does prevent your browser from saving your history, searches, cookies, and other private data between browsing sessions. You can have your browser always start in private-browsing mode if you prefer it.

I personally prefer this for computer shop (Piso Net) because most of the customer failed to log out their account  at the end of time.

To activate Google Chrome’s incognito mode by default, you will need to add a command-line option to its shortcut.

First, locate the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome – either on your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar – and right-click it. Select Properties in the menu that appears.

If you are using a taskbar shortcut on Windows 7 or 8, you will have to right-click the Google Chrome icon on your taskbar, right-click Google Chrome in the list, and select Properties.Add -incognito (that’s a space character, a dash, and then the word incognito) to the end of the Target box. Click OK after adding this option.

CONS: private-browsing mode permanently. You will have to log into the websites you use each time you open your browser, as your browser won’t save the cookies that keep your login state.

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