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How to turn Half Life shortcut to Counter Strike 1.3 console

This is a common issue when copying  Counter Strike 1.3 and you only get is Half Life. So when you open the shortcut you only get Half Life by default and when you wnt to cs strike 1.3 you need to go the setting and activate cs 1.3.

So how to make it cs strike by default?
1. Create a HL shorcut on Desktop
2. Right click hl shortcut and click Properties
3. click Shortcut Tab  on the "TARGET" you will see the directory.
add this at the end " -game cstrike -console" ( space and the add this without quote)
Sample : "D:\Online Games\Sierra (Counter Strike)\Half-Life\hl.exe" -game cstrike -console

Then click apply...

4. Change Icon browser your CStrike  folder then select the cstrike icon click apply

Now try to open the shortcut :)
You can also rename the shortcut XD
If you need a cstrike key type

KEY : 2186-42289-8687

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