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Things to Remember When Applying for Credit Online

We all need a little extra money sometimes, and today there are more options than ever before. One popular way is to take out short term loans. Getting quick cash once meant begging from a bank or pawning something you own, but these days we have better alternatives such as online payday loans where anyone with a job and a bank account can get the cash they need 24/7.
Here are some things to consider before you fill out that application. 

Be Security and Safety Conscious
The first thing to keep in mind is the safety of your personal and financial information. There are more scammers and hackers out there than most people realize, and the first line of defense in cyber security is the end user’s common sense. Avoid applying for loans, or doing any form of internet banking over public wi-fi. Always assume that anything you show or type, while on a public connection, is being viewed by a hacker. They would love to get their hands on all that personal information. Also, make sure your internet connection is safe and secure, and that all your virus and malware protection is running and up to date.
Another thing to do is check to see if the site you are applying on is legit and safe. Hackers will often hijack web traffic and send unwitting customers to phishing websites that look nearly 100% official. Make sure you look for the signs of a fake site. Check the https of any site you go to where you are required to log in. Legitimate sites will have a padlock in the far left of the address bar. Make sure everything is spelled correctly in the web address. Phishing sites are often use subtle misspellings for their sites that are easy for most people to overlook. Their phishing sites will use words like paypol instead of paypal or wallmart instead of walmart.

Be Honest
It might be tempting to fudge some numbers to try and get more money or a lower interest rate, but DON’T DO IT! It is illegal to give false information on credit applications and is considered fraud. The penalties are steep with jail sentences up to 30 years and fines of around one million dollars – for each offense.

Shop Around
Don’t go for the first online credit offer you find, no matter how slick the sales pitch. There are more lenders out there than you can shake a stick at. Each one will have their pros and cons, and different terms and policies can have some serious implications for your bank account and your credit score.
What are the interest rates? Find the lenders who offer the lowest interest rates. This can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your loan. Read over their repayment policies. Some places charge penalties and fees for early repayment.
Also, find out what their policy is for late payments. It's always a good idea to pay on time, but bad things happen, and a person can come up short or else simply forget. Some online lenders have rather draconian penalties when it comes to late payments that amount to interest rates in the triple or even quadruple digits! Make sure the one you borrow money from isn’t one of them.

Borrow Only What You Can Pay Back
You know your personal finances and obligations better than anyone else, so be honest with yourself. We all want that bigger TV, the nicer car, or that dream Caribbean vacation, but none of it is worth it if we ruin ourselves financially or have to declare bankruptcy. The best way to keep this from happening is only to take what you need, and no more.

There are several different reasons to apply for credit online. It could be a sudden unexpected demand or emergency, like an auto repair or sick pet, or maybe it’s just time to splurge a little and get that one particular thing you’ve had an eye on for a while. Whatever the reason, don’t go in blindly. There will always be strings attached, so make sure you don’t forego sound judgment for the lure of easy money.

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