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Wireless Transfer Photos/Videos/Files from Computer to iPhone/iPad/Android

Tunes is the default application that manages your iPhone Photos and Vidoes, you can use the "Import Pictures and Videos" utility to transfer photos from your Windows computer to iPhone's Camera Roll. However, to transfer photos and videos to your iPhone using iTunes, cable is required, What if there is no cable at hand? So this tutorial will show you how to transfer photos/videos from your computer to your iPhone camera roll wirelessly (without cable). 

  • Make sure your iOS device and the computer are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to App store and install airmore application. 
Connect iPhone to AirMore web
  •     Open airmore application on your phone and from your computer go to airmore.com
  •     If you choose QR code for connecting your computer to your iPhone, Tap “Scan to connect” on your iPhone and scan the QR code that you see in airmore.com website.
  •     If you choose to connect in Radar, click your device icon in Radar on the AirMore web and tap “Accept” when a connection request pops up on your phone. Again, Make sure your phone and PC are in the same WiFi network for successful connection.
Transfer Photos/Videos
  •     Once connected, click “Pictures” on the left hand of the webpage, where you can see all the photos stored on your phone.
  •     Click “Import” and you can transfer photos from computer to your iPhone without cable.

Note: If you want to transfer videos, Just click the Videos" on the left hand of the webpage and do the same process of how you transfer your photos.

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