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How To Fix Error on Facebook Instant Article on Blogger or Blogspot and Get Approve!

How To Get Approved on Facebook Instant Article

Maybe you are wondering what is the problem on your blogger or blogspot when applying  to Facebook Instant Article?

Well here are common you and I encounter. This are very important that your Instant Article is equally same on your site.

1. The Font, well if you use Georgia font in your blog post it must be the same in  Facebook Style.

2. Place of embedded  Photo or Videos are exactly the same, sample if you put a picture after the headline on your blog that picture must also be found in that part of the Instant Article, below this post I added sample script that you can use.

3.Sentence or the Article Content is No More  and No Less , you must include all the paragraph in that post.

4. You mobile website link must correctly apply, For your info the mobile version for blogspot or blogger it has "?m=" in the end  example: http://blogmytuts.net?m=1

5. Mobile Page can't load properly this is link to my number 4 it is possible you mobile template is not enable. To fix this go to your template and choose custom or other available template if your custom template is heavy to load. Try to resubmit review when done.

6. Logo of your Facebook Article must have featured LOGO  and has the size required by Facebook

7. Very important you Download Facebook Manager on your Mobile Device  iOS or Android so you can preview your Instant Article if there are error or not the same on your mobile version blog. In other word compare them.

Once approved you may post live articles  and Good Luck!, but if you failed you can submit again.

Example Scripts For Manual Instant Article Method:
Note:  Time and Date is also imporntant  just change all the value below, link, Article Title, Sub heading, Author, paragraph or article content, embedded picture or video scripts also added below.

<link rel="canonical" href="Add Your Artices URL Here">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta property="op:generator" content="facebook-instant-articles-sdk-php">
<meta property="op:generator:version" content="1.1.0">
<meta property="op:generator:application" content="facebook-instant-articles-wp">
<meta property="op:generator:application:version" content="2.11">
<meta property="op:generator:transformer" content="facebook-instant-articles-sdk-php">
<meta property="op:generator:transformer:version" content="1.1.0">
<meta property="op:markup_version" content="v1.0">
<meta property="fb:article_style" content="default">
<h1>Article Title Here</h1>
<time class="op-published" datetime="2017-01-26T16:59:55+00:00">January 26th, 4:59pm</time>
<time class="op-modified" datetime="2017-01-26T03:33:47+00:00">January 26th, 3:33am</time>
<address><a>Author Name Here</a></address>
<h2>Sub Titile Here</h2>
<p>Full Paragraph Here 1</p>
<p>Full Paragraph Here 2</p>
<p>Full Paragraph Here 3</p>
<p>Full Paragraph Here 3</p>
<p>Full Paragraph Here 3</p>
<b>Bold Text or Head of Article</b>

<figure class="op-interactive">
  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="YOUR EMBEDDED VIDEO LINK HERE"></iframe>

  <img src="YOUR PICTURE LINK HERE" />

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<figure class="op-ad">
        <iframe src="https://www.adserver.com/ss;adtype=banner300x250" height="300" width="250"></iframe>

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