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WATCH: Dragon Ball Z VR headset lets you shoot a ‘kamehameha’

Modern virtual reality technology will now be bringing this childhood fantasy to life, in a manner of speaking.

Toy company Mega House will soon be releasing a “Capsule Corporation” branded VR headset that works with a Dragon Ball Z VR experience app. The headset works by inserting a smartphone into its front panel. It also comes with a pair of hand sensors, as well as a VR mat.

Apart from firing off a virtual “kamehameha” with Goku himself, the app also comes with a “Scouter” function for AR use.

For those who grew up watching the Dragon Ball Z anime series, admit it, you spent a good time of your childhood pretending to do a “kamehameha” with your friends.

Kotaku reports that the BotsNew Characters VR Dragonball Z bundle will be released in Japan by June for 12,000 yen (roughly P5,500).

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