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Digital Artist From Davao Turns Fast Food Restaurant Chains Into Anime Characters

Someone turns fastfood mascot into Anime!

What if your favorite fastfood restaurant mascots turns into a Anime character?
A 16 year old female digital artist from Davao City OzumiiWizard  draw fastfood mascot just for Fun.

From local fastfood like Jollibee, Mang  Inasal, to Mcdonald, Wendy's, KFC, JCO, Burger Kingand even Starbucks!.

Some of her drawing has been featured on animax, and it became a thing NOW and went viral.

Her artwork even reach 9gag website. 

I think her Wendy's anime version also reach Wendy's twitter as a trending meme too

Here are some Ozumii's amazing art!

So what you think? which is your favorite one?

source: Ozumii Facebook Page www.facebook.com/Ozumii/ 

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