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PNP-ACG Arrested a 18 years old student for hacking Facebook account

Ramsom For Private Photos and Video in Facebook

The Philippine National Anti-Cybercrime Group arrested a 18yrs old Computer Technology student, Ronald Ecaro in Cabanatuan City.

Ronald Ecaro arrested for asking ransom money worth 20,000 pesos via money transfer. The victim is a teenager girl from Cagayan de Oro. 

According to the victim if she fails to send the said a amount, the suspect will expose or upload his private videos and picture in his Facebook account.

PNP ACG cooperate with the money transfer , the said transaction was trace by the PNP ACG and finally then the hacker was arrested on  entrapment operation.

According to the PNP ACG speaker the modus of the hacker was to know the Cellphone number of the victim first, and then he will reset and change the password of the victim. 

The question is, how could he bypass the second attentication when he his not the owner of the mobile sim? well may be dupe the phone number such a complicated task.

The hacker has already 8 victim in total according to the PNP ACG

The suspect charged for robbery with violence and intimidation Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 at E-commerce Act of 2000.

source:  abs-cbn

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