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Saturday Night Nicki Minaj Was Telling Her Fans That She Would Pay College Tuition If They Have Good Grades

Need some help paying your college tuition fees or student loans? Nicki Minaj can help!

Saturday night, the award-winning rapper was on Twitter telling her fans that she would pay international airfare for contest winners (who would get to spend time with her at the Billboard music awards in Las Vegas) when a US student popped an important question: “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” Surprisingly, Nicki not only agreed but she also extended the offer to her other fans in need!.

The only catch was that Minaj needed verification of 4.0 GPAs and confirmation from their schools. Throughout the evening, the rapper helped a total of 30 current and former students with their college tuition, students loans, and other education-related fees.

Was never really a fan and to be honest I didn't think much of her. This has just proven how wrong I was. She's fantastic.

But this is something that even the richest people in the world don't do ... Now I have developed a lot of respect for her!.

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