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The Last Half-Life Writer Have Left Valve For Good

All The Half-Life Writers Have Left Valve For Good

The main writers for the #HalfLife franchise consist of a few dudes: Marc Laidlaw, Randy Pitchford, Kelly Baley, Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek. Wolpaw departed the studio earlier this year in order to head up writing Psychonauts 2 with Double Fine and good old Tim Schafer, and now, Chet Faliszek, the last of the bunch, has moved on to greener pastures too.

Chet Faliszek Is The Last Half-Life Writer To Leave Valve

This man basically everything Valve has ever touched. He's worked on Half Life 2: Episode One and Two, both of the Left 4 Dead games, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal, and, what I consider Valve's greatest achievement, Portal 2.

For 12 years this guy has been a vital part of one of the most successful gaming companies on the planet, and he's been heading up the HTC Vive team since its inception, too. You've definitely been influenced by his work because who hasn't been touched by one of these games or strapped that nonsense to their face?! 

It seems that Valve have lost almost all of their original writing chops. 

This company has made some incredible games, and seeing as I'd rather replay The Order: 1886 than get into a MOBA, Maybe your one of the gamers who longs for a fresh single player/multiplayer experience in a genre or DOTA 2.

Perhaps the beloved gaming company simply isn't interested in developing titles that aren't going to rake in cash at the speed of CS: GO and Dota 2. However, Chet did say that he was excited to play whatever was coming next.

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