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This Group of Foreign Tourists Loss All of their Valuables in Boracay and End up Crying

Unfortunately they left their belongings unsafe.

It is summer time in the Philippines and Tourists flock Philippine beached in this time of the year. One beach is the favorite of many—Boracay.

Apparently, this group of foreign tourist were swimming while leaving their belongings unattended.

Unfortunately, criminals lurk in these areas, knowing that many people will be going there. This group of foreign tourists had left their belongings at the side of the beach before taking a dip in the sea. They didn’t expect what happened next.

When they returned to their spot, they noticed that they had lost everything like phones, money, and even their cards. They had nothing left. To add to their problems, they have to check out of their hotel the following day—with no money left to pay for anything they end up crying.

A concerned netizen Facebook user Jean Cezar Retulin who shared it, noticed that they were crying and decided to approach them. They were devastated as they didn’t even have money for fare. Retulin brought them to the police station, hoping the police can do something about it.

Unfortunately, even with the beauty of the beaches and friendliness of the people, there are criminals lurking in this paradise. Lets be vigilant and don't leave valuable item unattended.

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