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Valve Plans To Get Dota 2 Running On Tablets

StarCraft. Hence, DotA 2 might just work out for the likes of Tablets!

Warcraft 3 is a popular PC game that spawned a special multiplayer mod called Defense of the Ancients – in short DotA – that’s played between of up to 5 players each, with each side trying to conquer the enemy’s base.

Also known as MOBA – short for multiplayer online battle arena – this type of game is very popular, and there’s at least one interesting DotA alternative out there, League of Legends.

And as for mobile user you might familiar with  Mobile Legends MOBA version for Android and iOS.

Getting back to DotA though, game fans surely know that a DotA 2 game exists, developed by the folks over at Valve. 

And it seems that the company is experimenting with bringing the popular game to the ever-growing tablet ecosystem.

Kotaku reports that Valve’s boss Gabe Newell has already confirmed that some work has already been done to port the game to tablets, and while the first tries were not looking good, the future seems to be very promising.

According to Valve boss himself, DotA 2 may be a possibility for mobile platforms down the line. Speaking to Kotaku, he stated that Valve was already conducting tests: "We were working on getting DotA 2 running on some tablets.

"That ended up being kind of a disappointment. But the good news is that tablets are getting faster very quickly, so I think we'll get the kind of performance we want and other game developers want in the near future."

Though DotA 2 may be fast paced, as Kotaku's Jason Schreier points out, it doesn't require quite as much clicking as does say, StarCraft. Hence, DotA 2 might just work out for the likes of iOS.

The only question then is whether or not DotA 2 mobile players will be able to play with those playing on PC.Then again, whether or not DotA 2 iPad will actually even be a thing remains to be seen.

Source: Kotaku, Tomsguide

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