About Me

I owns nothing, but I share what i learned.

Im a High School Grad a hacker wanna be XD.. I go to a free school from our church  "Out of School Youth Program" to learn basic computer Literacy.
I also studied a basic Building Wiring well I'm Not into it (-_-)So I go to a free school again  learn some basic trouble shooting.. after 3 months i got a work but not for long..  I'm a Free Lance at this moment..

              I'm a Free Lance Computer Tech Guy..I love to learned more.. I blog to share what I've learned. since 2006  when I first create a Blog blognizend it was blocked for invalid click activity  I got no domain.. still learning some way on how to earn money online by blogging what I learned this is my New! blog. I want to play clean. Because I'm just a high school grad. It's really hard to find good job  that is permanent not just like a contractual (5 to 6 months) so help me GOD.

You can call me a "Homeless Blogger"

 Why?because  I don't own a computer or laptop to write on my blog..

NPA also "No Permanent Address" like my live in partner says, cues we don't own a house that we can called HOME

How do I write on my Blog?
I go to my friends house and barrow his PC or Laptops off curse they have a net.
Some times I write on my customer computer shop which I maintain or if I got a home service and they have a net, I take the opportunity to write about what I done on their computer like networking WiFi setup or put a Free internet (disclaimer: I just read and read for those free way hacking and make some money, that is not  my responsible if their security is weak)

How much for a repair?
Well is up to you!... joke.. it depends on the PC situation for  example on computer-shops . If the PC is not running because of dirt or dust , I just clean it and it runs no need to reformat. You pay me 100 php yes 100 pesos only!

 I do believe "Don't judge a book on its cover" (Discrimination is on TOP of the World)
If you see me in person, you will think I'm just a teenager . Yes!! because if someone recommends me  "they always asked, How old are you? I'm 25 and I have a son.

And they will says , You LOOK like old as my high school son.

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