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About Me Version 3.0

My name Jaime Lacson, I've been blogging since 2007, I'm a high school graduate , I didn't take collage ( financially poor) but, I take vocational Computer Literacy at Sto. Tomas Parish Church  and Computer Hardware Servicing at TESDA  Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.
Before I started on blogging was a member of forum , just like others I post tutorials on forums but I was dissatisfied and upset when the forum moderator take-down all my post  and some forum shutdown their server. 

That's really make me upset..

Now I created  blog  to take Notes all about my experience being freelance tech, sharing step by step tutorials, and published them online. And if in case I forgot something I done before , I can easily find it here and refresh  everything I ever done..

My first blog is blognizend.blogspot.com  "The Homeless Blogger Blogs" at that time they call me Zen. 
Zen - is Currency of Online Games MU 

Why the Homeless Blogger Blogs?  Back then I don't have my own computer :v I just post After I'm done fixing customer PC or any.. I post what I've did to fix their computer router and modem network etc. 

When I learned "how to make money on blogs", I don't have any idea back then about ads placing  and basic html . The result  or wrong ads placing is Google Blocked my Adsense Account  for invalid click activity.

So  I created another blog  and BlogMyTuts was born!   (Blog My Tutorials or BMT ). This Blog is not only about my experience  I added some new category  like Gadgets, Tech Information, Product and Software Review and more..

For questions, collaborations, sponsorship or event invitations, feel free to contact me through blogmytuts@gmail.com or message me at my Facebook Page 

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jacbizer Martinez said...

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God bless

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