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HOW Unlocked HSDPA Modem

to Unlocked IMEI
go to this site add the 15 number

or download DC unlocker

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ZTE modem go to


APN (static) : http.globe.com.ph
Access Number : *99***1#
Authentication Protocol Settings : CHAP
To activate Globe Sim for internet use :
Text TIME then send to 1111

DNS on Globe
Globe DNS: Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary
Special DNS Servers:
Open DNS:


APN (static) : internet
Access Number : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings : PAP
MMS ON send to 3401
SET N6120c to 211 for FREE
or Text FREE DATA and send the text to 4039.


APN (static) : minternet
Access Number : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings : PAP
To activate Sun Sim for internet use :
Type ACTIVATE then send to 2300

What do you need to do to unlock a usb dongle, SMART, GLOBE, SUN hsdpa modems?
1. IMEI number, you will find this usually along the sticker on your modem or thru the application that comes with it.
2. MODEL, Huwaei e1552 for some, smart have WM66A, others have different models.
3. UNLOCK CODES, you will get this from helpful people in the community by using IMEI number and model. So for those of you that doesn't have the unlock code generator this is the best option, ASK than paying for something that is FREE if you search for your own answers.
4. Change the SIM on your USB dongle then plug it in your computer. It will sense a change in Network due to switching of SIM card.
5. It will ask for a one-time unlock code, here you will be prompted to punch it in.
6. Configure the correct APN settings according to your choice of network. It doesn't matter if your dialer has a logo Globe or Smart even if you are using a different service, it doesnt matter, but you need to make a new profile for each of the SIM/Network you are using. Refer to the APN settings i posted above.
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