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Dell Ispiron B130 "Shouting Down" Due Over Heating

Hello, I have new Laptop repair is a Dell Inspiron B130.
If your Fan is Working Good well all you have to do is clean the Heat sink
1. At the back of your Laptop remove the Heat sink cover
 2. clean the Heat sick remove the 4 screw

Trouble shouting  I found its the CPU cooling Fan its not working any more. Replace it
For proper Laptop cracking go here proper way to open your Laptop
The CPU fan looks like this.

I can't find a fan, so I just used a G Force Video Card Fan (: the video card is useless anyway :P

Remove the Dell Fan,

We just need the Elise Fan,there is a round plastic at the back that is the lack
 Remove also the G force Elise :P Swap them. and put the whole G-force Fan on the Dell Fan , You need a mighty band for that :p

If the fan not power up you need a telephone wire
 Connect it on the DC jack

Solder here

Test your Fan plug the DC adapter the must Spin at the right direction for proper ventelation.

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