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How to unlocked G* SIM for VPN

1. We need a SIM for G* Old or New SIM CARD.
2. TXT 222 for a balance Check or to Activate your New SIM.
3.Now check the validity of your SIM.
Number: 222
Your balance as of 01/07/2012 17:31 is P1.00 valid til 02/21/2012 19:41 w/ 35 FREE txts. Pls note that system time may vary from the time on ur phone.
Time: 07/01/2012 17:31:18
4.If your Sim is NOT valid LOAD 50php.
5.Now REG any Power Surf  Promo ( MB15, POWERSURF50 ) I prepared MB15 the cheapest.DON'T CONNECT YOUR DASHBOARD YET!
6.Connect your VPN with a working CONFIG (lport and remote port
7.Connect your broadband dashboard, and BROWSE if can Congrats!!
8.NO BROWSE? means its not unlocked Succesfull...STOP YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.
FOR MB15 TXT " PSURFMB STOP send to 8888"

Try and try mo :P
Tips: Don't do it at night 8888 is bz.

 NOTE: Connect VPN first before you Broadband

Why we need to load and subcribs to their promo?
Ans: G* have a pocket data monitoring system so. by doing this.. there are few fragments left in your pocket  data Record.

Why we need to Load?

Ans: By reloading the validity of the SIM is extended. Load 50 and shared it to your mobile sim to prevent Load eaten by your internet provider

List of SIM

As you see every SIM has their unique chip Rock SIM has a straight CUT the easy one to Unlocked


Anonymous said...

Sir, pa unlock naman ng dongle ko. smart bro e153u-3. please.

blognizend said...

used latest DC unlocker kaso need mo ng credits..

jhannolie said...

PVpn parin ba?

blognizend said...

any VPN will do with correct config

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