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Yahoo! Philippines She

Yahoo Philippines  announce yahoo she. for Pinay Women.

Women’s lifestyle site celebrates International Women’s Day In celebration of the International Women’s Day, Yahoo! announced the launch of “Yahoo! She” (http://ph.she.yahoo.com), a one-stop online destination that offers “Real Women; Real Answers.”

Echoing the voice and objectives of this significant global date, Yahoo! She aims to empower women, inspire ideologies and contribute towards building a nurturing environment for Filipino women.

Different from other women’s sites, Yahoo! She takes on topics that Filipinos are reluctant or hesitant to talk about openly, meanwhile delivering the information with taste and engaging its readers to partake in the discourse.

The lifestyle property for 18 to 34 year olds is modeled after Yahoo! Shine—the leading site for women in the US, with more than 38 million unique visitors per month (comScore, January 2012). 

Arlene Amarante, country ambassador and sales director of Yahoo! Philippines, said, “We are proud to be associated with the International Women’s Day and celebrate the successes and achievements of everyday women via ‘Yahoo! She.’ As the Internet platform which has sought to connect and communicate with over 700 million users worldwide, Yahoo! aims to be a strong and supportive online hub where women can share views, express their thoughts and have real conversations with each other.”

She added, “Filipinos are widely familiar with Yahoo! Shine and access the US site on a frequent basis. With the launch of Yahoo! She in the Philippines, the site will bring locally relevant content that speaks to everyday Filipino women on topics that matter most to them whilst offering real answers—be it through tips, tools or practical advice to make their daily lives manageable and more productive.”

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