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Eyejusters (self adjustable eye glasses)


No need to buy new Eye Glasses just Adjust it !!! Why buy for new expensive Eye Glass

 A self adjustable eye glass produce by a British Company. A user simply turn a diode to adjust the lens that suited on his eye view depending on what the users do like reading or in front of  a computer.

Their Vision:
Eyejusters are designed to help people in the developing world who can't access the glasses they need. Our company was built around getting affordable, high quality glasses into the hands of those who need them. Find out how Eyejusters can help in this developing world section.

 Visit their site: www.eyejusters.com


Anonymous said...

Nice, I like this. I can lessen my expenses every time I want to change my eye glass to a new one. Just used this and you can adjust in on the one you like.

Glasses with LED Lights

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. Really a lot of useful information.

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