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Handy Cafe Free Internet Cafe Software

Handy Cafe Free Internet Cafe Software

There are many computer shop now  a days.. some are still on manual timer on a log book. Many have software but crack version. But this Handy Cafe is Free you can Register as many as you want client.

HandyCafe is 100% free! There are no limitations.
All ad (banner) fields, browser's start pages and start-up pages are belong to Ates Software (HandyCafe). Your customers can start using internet immediately without asking your assist. 

HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software Features

HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software was written by using the latest technology and concept. Many newly added features contribute the software more elasticity and skill. HandyCafe is an Internet Cafe Software which brings prestige to the business with an easy to use structure and its reliability in the network media.

Some new features and other conventional ones of HandCafe are summarized below. Most of them are not given by other programs and thanks to these unparalleled features, managing an internet cafe and network didn't be ever so enjoyable and easy.

  • HandyCafe is being used by; Internet Cafes, Libraries, Schools, Militaries, Business Networks, Home Users, Goverments, Hotels and etc.
  • HandyCafe Features
  • 100% Free For Life-time
  • HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software and Firewall Software is free for life-time. We do not have any retail versions. We only have HandyCafe which is completely free for Internet Cafes.
  • Monitoring Client Computers
  • Monitor and take the control of your clients from Server. With HandyCafe, you will never need to leave your desk. Everything will be done by one-click.
  • Member Accounting
  • Create Members with Special Price and track them easily.
  • Multi Language
  • HandyCafe is multi-language. You can create your own language using Language Editor tool.
  • Remote Management
  • Manage computers from your server. Take the control of the desktop and do anything you want without leaving your desk.
  • Desktop Screenshots
  • Get screenshots from selected computer or from all Network at the same time; save them in different picture formats.
  • Timers
  • Use Timers to track PlayStation, Wii, XBOX, Wi-fi, Backgammon, Chess, Billard and etc. and charge your customers. Generate Timer reports anytime you need to.
  • Print Tracking
  • Track and charge your customers for every printed pages automatically.
  • Reporting
  • Generate transaction reports and export them to different formats.
  • Cashiers
  • Create unlimited cashier accounts for Server, control them and enable / disable any feature for their accounts.
  • Cafeteria
  • Add items to your Cafeteria menu. Your customers can order from HandyCafe Client interface.
  • Wake-up Computers
  • Turn on any client computers from Server. Wake-up selected computers or all computers in your network easily.
  • Log-in / Log-out
  • Easily Log-in, Log-out, Pay-Out any computers from server. You can select Prepaid, Play & Pay, Time Limited logins and etc.
  • Shutdown, Reboot, Log-off
  • Easily shutdown, reboot or log-off selected clients, idle clients or all clients from server by one-click.
  • Tickets
  • Generate unlimited tickets for your customers. Define different prices if you wish.
  • Application Management
  • Get list of installed applications, running applications and Close them from server if needed.
  • User Queue
  • Add your customers to the User Queue.
  • Multiple Pricing Schemes
  • Create different pricing schemes for your needs. Hourly Pricing, Daily Pricing, Pricing by Day, Pricing by Time and etc. You can also apply discounts.
  • USB Protection
  • Enable / Disable USB protection for Clients from Server. You will be notified by server if your customer plug-in or plug-out any USB device.
  • Badwords
  • Add any keywords in to the Badwords field. You will be notified by the HandyCafe Server when your customers visit a website which contains a badword on the page title. You can close pages or sendauto send messages
  • Advertise / Banners
  • Create banners / ad pages and show them on the HandyCafe Client screen-saver menu.
  • Messaging, URL Redirecting
  • Send messages to your customers. Re-direct them to any website you wish.
  • Customize
  • Change colors, appearance, fonts as your needs.
  • Update License / Retrieve License
  • Update your Client quantity or send your license information to your registered email address, only in seconds.
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Automatically update both Server and Client to the latest versions free.
  • Free 24 / 7 Support
  • Do you have questions? Contact us anytime you need. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

System Requirements System Requirements
  •     Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32bit & 64bit)
  •     50 MB HDD Space (200 MB Recommended)
  •     256 MB RAM (1GB or more Recommended)
  •     Active Internet Connection



For Tutorials on How to Setup Handy Cafe Client and Server setup Click HERE

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