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Citadel Malware Virus Kidnapped a PC and asked for Ransom

 Scam Warning: Citadel Malware Delivers Reveton Ransomware in Attempts to Extort Money

There is new kind of kidnapping  LOL! its true ...Virus kidnap a PC.

A virus named Reveton  the ransomware lures the victim to a drive-by download website,once installed and lock it for violating United States federal law. The message declares the user's IP address was identified by Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section as visiting  child pornography and other illegal content...The user will be pressure to unlocked the computer, the user instructed to pay a $100 fine to the U.S Department of Justice using prepaid money card services.

The geographic location of the user’s IP address determines what payment services are offered. In addition to the ransomware, the Citadel malware continues to operate on the compromised computer and can be used to commit online banking and credit card fraud.
This is an attempt to extort money with the additional possibility of the victim’s computer being used to participate in online bank fraud. If you have received this or something similar, do not follow payment instructions.
It is suggested that you contact your banking institution and file a complaint at www.ic3.gov.

Source: FBI

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