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SmartGlass Demo - E3 2012

During the E3 expo in Los Angeles, which takes places June 5th to June 7th, 2012, Microsoft show off showcase a cross-platform app that will allow Xbox owners to control and stream media content to their Xbox 360, via their smartphones. This app is called "Xbox Smart Glass."

Microsoft shows off a brand new way to connect with your Xbox with the SmartGlass app for tablets and phones. on this Video

SmartGlass, Microsoft says, will allow a tablet or smartphone to stream media to a big screen controlled by the Xbox console. It also can augment videogames with additional information such as team formations in a sports game.
Microsoft says SmartGlass will be free and work with Windows phones, Windows 8 and other portable devices.
"We all go into our living room and have a touch surface like a phone or a tablet, but it has no idea what's occurring on the TV," said Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's gaming business. The SmartGlass apps he said, by contrast will allow the Xbox to "communicate with whatever glass surface you have."

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