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The Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando July 20,2012

The Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando July 20, 2012

Today July 20, 2012  is the Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando.. 6 floor Building Parking Lot at the 5 and 6 floor with a Helipad. For security reason I don't have a permission to take a photo on the Helicopter of the owner of SM. but I saw it on the 6th floor. Notice all SM look like a shoe box the real thing is SM start on a Shoe Store.. then Shoe Mart.

There are to many people line up!!

People looks like a Sardine in can on the "escalator"

To bad i didn't catch the FREE Pizza Hut!! 

3rd Floor

On the 3rd floor I visit the CD R-KING and here what I saw..

Crimping tool for P150 pesos!! the last i bought crimping tool has a price of P700.And a Tester that I bought 4 yrs ago P1000 pesos now P280.

A RJ45 TESTER or Cable Tester last I bought was P450 now P180.

This GOT catch my Eye!! 3G Mobile WiFi Broad Router..

I was walking and saw a crawdad people with cameras, I look around..

THE HUMAN Manikins... They are real People but they really manage to do NO move!!

Model are really Beautiful and Handsome!..

Oops!!... that not my hand and Cam lol!

I saw a Store using QR- Code I already post about QR- Code

Even on Cinema Ticketing there is a QR -Code , But the Cinema here has Finger Print Scanner if you wan't to go out the Cinema, No more "Stamp Mark" on your hands.

"The Mang Inasal  Blessing" I just past them.. :)

I'm disappointed on the IT  place so I didn't take a shoot because only Cellphone and less Computer Gadgets displayed.

OK that's all ..there are GMA artist coming but my stomach says: Lets GO Home!! 

I have Only 20 pesos left in my pocket LOL I just do "eye shopping" patingin tingin di naman makabili...

- Homeless Blogger 
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