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Facebook Comment Box Moderation Guide

Here's a guide for moderator how to used  comment box .

First you must have working Comment Plugin on your website or blog.

Visit my post how to put Facebook Comment Plugin.

I make it simple and basics moves this is very useful for new user of Facebook comment.

A user can choose which profile he want to used on posting a comment. to protect its identity.

Sample here I can choose a Facebook Page to post a comment , this may help to hide you personal identity..

Adding New Moderator in Facebook comment box.

*Click the Gear icon Setting
*In Moderators Type the name of the user you want to be a moderator then click SAVE to apply.
*Moderation Mode you can choose make it all post public or  need to be approve first to seen in public.

What can a Moderator can do?

  • Hide Comment -Hide any bad or sensitive comment
  • Ban user - block any user that annoyed you
  • Boost Comment - highlight  a comment sample a good comment

The admin of the Page or  Moderator can receive  Notification on hi/her Facebook when someone is commenting on the website..

If  you open that Notification it will redirect you on your Facebook Application or Comment Moderation Tool page.

Here  you can see where are the comment coming from.. click the  link and you can start to drop a reply ..

How to Mirror your FB Page comment to your blog/site.

1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/comments/
2. Go to your FB apps , sample BMT apps
3. Click Setting, Check Comment Mirroring

You can still have notification

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