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Google Fiber-India's first 1Gbps Internet connection

India's first 1Gbps Internet connection...

Google, launched its 1000mbps (1gbps) at kansas city (US), a leading techn incubator in US, as part of the Google Fiber Network. and Now, it is India's turn to get this speed.

Kerala, India's first telecom company incubator now has a new 1Gbps connectivity, Startup village of Kochi has become the second place in the world, after Kansas city of US.

Start up Village aims to build the elements of a world class tech ecosystem to realize the dream of a Silicon Coast in INDIA.

you can download a two-hour HD movie in 30 seconds or view 1080p video in YouTube at this lightning speed ....

A different kind of Internet.

Google Fiber starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today's broadband.
Instant downloads. Crystal clear high definition TV. And endless possibilities.
It's not cable. And it's not just Internet. It's Google Fiber. 
Choose a PLAN.. Less than P5,000 pesos you have a Gigabit Internet imagine that..

Video from Kansas

 Hope Google lunch this at the Philippines!! Like and Share this if you want this to experience.


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