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How to Install CafeManila 8.6.6 server with Patch

Ok someone ask how to install a CafeManila with Patch  to  connect more than 10 PC client. Hes a newbie so I create this tuts the easiest to understand.

First Download the  cafemanila 8.6.6  with patch here  http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2009/12/cafe-manila-866.html

1.Open the Installer

Now choose server or client "common sense here"

 After installation is Done!! DO-NOT open the cafemanila server or else patch will not work.

2. Open the CIM Patch Program Input how many client you want.

Click the P to patch the browse your client server on C: follow the image below.


d.  Patch  crack  success ..

3.Now Open  the Cafe Manila fallow this image.

4.Open the CafeManila default  user and password is  admin:admin.

You will see 40 client I registered waiting to connect

change  this setting on this image

You can also change user log in , skin etc here.


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