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How To Setup a Multiple ISP modem in a Single Network

Someone ask me if is possible to use 2 modem or more in a 1 network. So  I made this tutorial specially for those who have  shop and Globe Wimax. We only need a switch or HUB.

1. Set the LAN IP of the modem   Trick.

Exhibit Modem 1.
on Wimax Modem log in as admin then go to Basic- LAN  modem 1 don't do anything :)

Exhibit Modem 2.
Log in as admin go to LAN change IP addres and Start IP then click Apply.

NOTE: LAN IP will be the DNS server for client PC

2. Set Client PC DNS server.
  • Go to LAN properties
  • Find the TCP/IP click the propeties
  • click use the following DNS server input your DNS ( LAN IP of your MODEM)

Client  PC 1

Client PC 2

*Take NOTE because we change the modem LAN IP address  gui and telnet will also change , how ever we can restore it. If you change Mac then used a restoredef command the modem LAN IP will also restore so you need to setup again the LAN IP.

New Web Gui IP

New Telnet IP


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