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Lockitron - Keyless entry using your phone

Lock your door from anywhere in the world 


Lockitron is a cool gadgets to lock your door on any smartphone or send text on a ordinary phone is a  keyless experience.Lockitron lets you see if your door is locked when you’re gone. It will send a notification when your child unlocks the door using their phone or key. Even send a Notification If some one is knocking on door,

Lockitron connects to the internet thanks to built-in WiFi. You can control Lockitron and receive notifications from Lockitron anywhere in the world.

Keyless Entry

If you use an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, you can enable Lockitron to sense when you walk up to the door and unlock for you using Bluetooth 4.0. We call it Sense

With intelligent power management, Lockitron's batteries last for up to one year. Lockitron will even send you a notification when they are running low

Lockitron Available in 3 color


Video Demo

Lockitron Price $170

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