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The world-changing 3D sensor at CES

While exploring @google+  I saw this amazing post  and interview  +PrimeSense by +Robert Scoble  RockSpace. Any geeky thing catch my attention.

The world-changing 3D sensor we saw at CES

You've seen 3D sensors before. In the Microsoft Kinect, for instance. That sensor's design was licensed to Microsoft by +PrimeSense.

This year, though, we visited Primesense to get a look at its latest 3D sensor. What is big about it? First of all, it's small. Small enough to fit into tablet PCs. Second of all, it's lower cost. Will sell for under $100. Third of all it's more accurate and higher resolution than the one in Kinect (it is so accurate it can tell how hard you are pressing on a surface).

What does this mean? Well, we got several demos of what 3D sensing can do. Learn more at http://www.primesense.com/

Also, listen into this audio interview we did with the founder: https://soundcloud.com/scobleizer/the-freaky-future-of-3d

Why is this world changing? Because nothing can track human behavior quite as well as a 3D sensor. Expect to see these start to appear everywhere. In cars. In games. In tablets and TVs. And more

In this Video you will see a Demo  how 3D sensor can be used in games  security and apply analytic.

 Imagine you have it in your phone..

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