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Your ISP is Going to Spy on You !!

Your ISP is Going to Spy on You !!

This monitoring was introduced as a joint coalition to combat piracy.  A list of providers that are on board.Reports indicate that there will be consequences for users who are caught pirating digital media.  First offenses may include forced educational rehabilitation as well as throttled connection speeds.  There have also been discussions stating that the top 200 websites will become inaccessible for users who are caught pirating.However, the fact that ISPs are able to detect this activity indicates that they will be spying on their users.

According to CNet’s Greg Sandoval, Cary Sherman of the RIAA has announced this week that deployments of the spying tools are nearly prepared and a tentative launch of July 12, 2012 has been set.(That was Last Year)  When i found the annoying ads when used my modem B200 they inject on  DNS.

Penalties for offenders can include reduced bandwidth, access reduced to a limited number of websites, and complete internet service cut-off. ISPs can require customers to attend “an education course” if they want service restored. And of course offenders can be charged with copyright infringement by the studios. 

 How ever group of established enthusiasts have started working on a DNS system that can’t be touched by any governmental institution.BitTorrent TLD (Top Level Domain)

Using the internet, as well as using the internet to fileshare, is completely legal. To Protect your Privacy used  VPN  or software like TOR that are available and free.

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