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Carrie Underwood in technicolor dress at Grammy Awards

Carrie Underwood in technicolor dress at Grammy Awards

 If you watch it on ETC channel its realy amazing...
55th Grammy Awards is one of the most prestigious event in Hollywood, the place where all united when it comes to music. Carrie Underwood Technicolor dress was the most buzzed in performance look, her gown inspired by Freedom Tower in New York City, a custom illuminated Theia Ball gown.

For me, her performance that night was the best in Grammys night, when she sung  "Blown Away" her white dress has as series of digital projections graphics display as part of her performance that change every minute with stars, roses, and swirls.

Every Time the Background Change his dress also change.

The Gown was a Digital projections display for a changing scene of images as she sang the song “Blown Away.  Dress Designer Don O'Neil

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