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Making a Bootable Windows XP in USB

My windows XP crash  I don't have working  CD  all my cd have scratch  I only have Win7  on my USB . Ihaving trouble with Win7 installed in my Vintage Laptop lol..
and  I have no working CD for it so I download on Google. ( I mean search ).

I'm don downloading a windows XP with service pack 3

This what I did
1.Format my  2 Gig Kingston with NFTS format,
 In Windows 7 you have this option just right click then click format choose system file, but if you have XP you can try the  hp tools.

 2. Mount your ISO (windows image) into a Virtual Drive like alcohol or  magic disc.
Try this link  http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-overview.htm 

3. Use WinSetupFromUSB You can find link here http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2011/10/create-bootable-usb-drive.html
  • Browse your Virtual Drive mounted with Windows XP
  • Browse your USB drive
  • Click Go or Start

 Now its copying your Windows XP to your USB drive wait till it Finish

 TAKE NOTE what this pop NOTE says   Formatting using USB is  2 part

Inside your USB and the System File Format is NTFS for fast transferate during installation.

4. Set your First Boot on Bios your USB drive other is on Removable  other are on the Hardrive if you see a + on your harddrive click on you  it will see your USB there make it on first boot. Press F10 to save setting.

Visit this post  how to setup USB boot on BIOS

OK this is the Actual Boot  from USB

First Part 1
( is where you reformat your Hard drive and Creating Partition)

 Second Part2 
(Windows GUI Installation)

 NOTE: Trouble missing file on first part I encounter it to  the solution is uplug your USB and replug it again and press ENTER to resume.

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