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Project Glass from Google

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is credited to come up with a new ‘project glass’. It is said that the device will be helpful in overlaying information over the glass of a spectacle, regarding directions of maps, messages from various friends and even reports of the weather. Information will be channeled from the internet, over to the glass, in front of the eye. These spectacles will also have a miniature camera fitted to them that will come in handy for the users for clicking pictures of their choice or making a video clip, without any fuss.

Models parade in Google Glass augmented reality eyewear at a New York fashion show. Photograph: Edward Le Poulin/Corbis

Researchers have taken apart a Google Glass headset to work out what exactly goes into creating the virtual reality hardware. And, according to what they’ve worked out, it's not really all that much. It has just about $80 (£47) worth of tech inside but the company are still charging $1500 (£888) for each gadget.

Obviously most of that money has gone into the research and development process at Google rather than just financing each individual headset. We are also expecting to see a much cheaper consumer version released later in 2014. The most interesting part from the investigation, carried out by teardown.com, is what it all looks like taken apart. Here’s a photo of all the parts that go into making an explorer edition headset.

 Read Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Glass

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