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BM622m Mac Series 34 and C8 TLS

The reason why  you cannot connect  a mac from new wimax modem  BM622m to your old bm622 and bm622i   is that because they don't generate  same USER and ID  to  connect TTLS profile security setting  ( more secured than TLS )

There is no particular difference  in TLS and TTLS  our  concerned is how to connect a new series mac from  bm622m.

I use TLS to bypass security

Profile sample from a BM622m  XroQnRSUHsfsof7L
(from sb daham astig pic for my sample)

Profile sample from Bm622 2009  which we all know they start with 2008

This is my actual test to connect a mac from bm622m

Change mac manually or change via vbs script  (wimax tool has a anti blank wan if you notice you cannot click change mac may be it consider them as WAN blank)

Status is  Connecting

Changing  Security setting from TTLS to TLS  authentication.

After changing  Authentication to TLS  to bypass security  status Connected

Update Im using 001F Green Packet Mac it works with TLS

TLS setting may apply to VIP mac with security not tested  because i don't good VIP mac.

TLS on BM622i sometimes not working or absolute not work

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Rabin Ban said...

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