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Connectify Dispatch Setup for Wimax Modem

Connectify Dispatch is software for your Windows PC that lets you combine multiple Internet connections for faster speeds and increased reliability. In order to start combining your Internet connections, Dispatch first needs access to more than one Internet connection. Connectify Dispatch can utilize almost any combination of Internet connections. Combine Cable and DSL, or use home Ethernet with your 3G or 4G mobile hotspot device, such as your mobile hotspot, USB dongle or tethered cell phone. However, multiple paths to the same Internet source, such as connecting wirelessly and via Ethernet to the router that serves a single cable or DSL modem, typically will not help improve performance.

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Ok this is how you setup your Wimax modem for Connectify Dispatch thanks to  Jef Villar for trying  this to his computer shop :) . He combined  5 Wimax modem  to  Share your Super-Fast Dispatch Connection with Connectify Hotspot.

You need:
USB HUB  port
Customize IP config for Modem

Sample only from CD Rking
  USB LAN :http://www.cdrking.com/index.php?productstype=All+Products&searchvalue=USB+LAN&x=0&y=0&mod=products&type=search

USB HUB PORT:http://www.cdrking.com/index.php?productstype=All+Products&searchvalue=usb+hub&x=0&y=0&mod=products&type=search

OK lets start :)
1. Log in on your Wimax as Admin  Modem DHCP configuring  fallow the picture below
uncheck the DHCP 

NOTE: by unchecking this di mag auto IP para sa modem meaning di nyo maacess yung telnet at yung web gui  sa  default IP neto  dapat alam nyo yun ..Manual iseset ang IP

2. Change your modem IP 1 by 1 (ex: , etc., or ,

You can find my old tuts :http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2013/01/how-to-setup-multiple-isp-modem-in.html

3.Change connected network connection 1 by 1
You can rename your connected network connection
Note: do not edit “Output” configuration

 Purpose of editing 2nd to the last or last part of IP is to make modem identification.

 Connected Internet and Output for combined (dispatch) internet connection
 NOTE:  That your OUTPUT is SET as NEVER

PC DHCP configuring
Type run > comexp.msc press enter
Click Services (Local) , find DHCP Client , and change Startup type:  Automatic to Manual or Disable,  then press Enter

 4. Open the Connectify Hotspot Select your Output port and Start  Sharing your Super-Fast Dispatch Connection with Connectify Hotspot.

 Output can be connect to a router.


Mosh Montalban said...

ayos, 2 na VIP MAC na lang kulang ko :)

tonton said...

pwd sak2 nlang sa hub yung mga modems>>??

night ingale said...

panu ulit ma access yung web gui if nagkamali ka tapos na uncheck mo na yung dhcp?? help me

Jaime Lacson said...

@night ingale

i type mo manual yung IP LAN na set mo sa LAN ng modem mo..sa ipv4

mondskie eclarinal said...

paano kung globe at pldt ang isp na ishashare k sa switch papuntang client?ang ip ng modem ng pldt sa globe naman

lionheart squall said...

paanu kung 1 globe sabay pldt anu babaguhin ko sa mga modem ,,ang ip add kasi ng pldt bago sa globe,, tsaka ang client ko pala naka staatic ip at ang default gateway nya ay

lionheart squall said...

paanu pag magkaiba ang default gateway ng dalawang modem,,bago sa client naka static ip at ang default gateway ay yung sa globe ko na

Anonymous said...

great sollution.
will try for my device.
i still got a problem with my connection

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