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Globe Telecom IT upgrade on March 2 - 5

 I know you feel the slow connection for those who doesn't know  Globe is having IT upgrade.

Download and upload speed might bit slow like dial and if you manually ping  google.com you will have a request Time out or if you get reply its is TTLS 47  that not good for online games it must be 52+

Read this post below source from TV 5

MANILA - Bad news for Globe Telecom Inc subscribers, as the Ayala-led telco on Thursday announced "minimal" service disruptions at the start of next month.
In a letter to subscribers, Globe president Ernest Cu said the disruption, which would happen March 2-5, would be caused by the first phase of the telco's IT modernization.

"As with most upgrades of this scale, we are spending significant effort to minimize any impact on you, so any impact will be small and temporary. During this period, you will still be able to call, text and browse," the letter read.
Among the issues that Globe subscribers would encounter during the four-day period of disruption are the following:

- For Globe postpaid and Tattoo postpaid, subscribers will be unable to register with promos, except for all roaming promos, which will remain available even during the transition period;
- The first bill after migration will be delayed by three weeks, but the payment due dates will be adjusted accordingly;

- The bill will undergo changes depending on the cut-off date and the time Globe completes transition to the new system, with the nature of the changes to be explained as a subscriber receives the notice; and

- For Globe prepaid, Touch Mobile, Tattoo prepaid and Tattoo@Home, the disruption would be "minimal," as subscribers would continue to enjoy the same service levels.

The company will spend $90 million to upgrade its IT system. This would be on top of the $700-million network modernization, which Globe expects to complete next month.
The telco earlier said 90 percent of its network modernization is complete. At end-December, Globe had 33.12 million mobile phone subscribers and 1.3 million broadband subscribers.

Source : Interakyson

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If you want to see the upgrade progress in your area
visit:  http://network.globe.com.ph/

How to Ping?
On windows XP and Windows  7  go to start  Finde RUN for XP and windows 7 just go search

Type this

ping google.com -t

this is my current speedtest for my 2mbps plan

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