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Leaked FTP Site of Globe Client is now closed

It is almost a week when the ftp site is  shared  now  all  account that  is save on a plain txt are gone. Over 12 million Globe Account has been leaked  from 3G , ADSL, to Wimax that are include name CP number  Modem Serial and MAC , contact number and address of Globe client.

Other are accidentally  search the ftp site on google.
 sample if you search  key word "wx globetel " a domain for VIP mac

If you click the link  it will take to a ftp site that contain  client account of globe.
any one who knows how to change mac their  modem can use these leaked account mac or ADSL

The said ftp site is now removing all data and transfer them to a safe place sftp or can they hide it from Google user.

What advantages does sftp have over ftp?

Ftp is NOT a secure protocol. All usernames and passwords exchanged in setting up an FTP connection are sent in cleartext, data exchanged over and FTP connection is not encryption and the connection is subject to hijacking. A SFTP protocol however, is secure, thus your information is far safer.

If you watch to explore ftp just go Link Site Tab

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