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Huawei Wimax Scanset Tweaks Tutorial for Bm622 and Bm622i

This tutorial show how to tweak Wimax frequency on scanset tab.

( ginagawa eto para mapili alin frequency ang mabilis ang download rate minsan baligtad naman  yung upload yung mabilis )

You need to log in as admin user to access scanset panel.

Bm622 Bm625  Modem Scanset

1. log in as admin Go to Wimax Tab Click Scanset

2.Delete the unstable or capped Frequency and left your uncapped or stable Frequency mys example here is 2622000 , then click apply.

BM622i Modem Scanset
1. Log in as admin

2.Go to Wimax tab
- check all unstable frequency click minus sign left only stable frequency example 2622000

3.  Wait till it change then click apply.

Log in as admin
Goto Maintenance - Device  - click restore default

Security  TLS and TTLS


mamerto sumodlayon said...

ask ko lng po pano malalaman ung capped saka unstable na preq
ska pwd po b ma pili ung sector ng BSID kc meron d2 smin bogus n sector "spy sector" pag dun k naka pasok deads agad ung modem mo
there are supposed to be 3 sector only
ex. 1B:4C:10:00,1B:4C:10:10,1B:4C:10:20 yan lng dpat at yan lng ung naka register sa globe pero meron bogus na sector tulad nito 1B:4C:10:11 gusto ko po sana ma iwasan yan ganyang sector
thanks po idol maraming salamat sa mga free tuts mo

mamerto sumodlayon said...

boss pwd po ba ma pili kung ano sector lng gusto mo maka connect parang tuald sa smartbro mamimili k lng ng saka pano po malalaman ung stable ?
maraming salamat po

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