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How to Change Mac Huawei BM623m V12 V13 and BM622m package date 2013 V21 V22

This is  a step by step  how to change  MAC on  Huawei BM623m
 I already post  a review and tools to change  mac with video, but still there are some lazy to fallow the readme .txt  the link posted here : Huawei BM623m Review :http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2014/02/huawei-bm623m-review.html

Below  are step by step print screen how to..
This step may apply to BM622m V21 and V22 package date 2013

1. Mozilla Firefox  or Google Chrome  ( I use Mozilla)
2. Web Developer Add -ons    LINK: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/
3. Open SSH    ( available BMT_623mTools download below)
4.  Admin Passgen (availble on BMT_623mTools download below this post )
4. Open and Clear Mind


 1. Install  Web Developer  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/

2. Install Open SSH   setupssh.exe  kasama yung sa tools na i dadownload nyo sa ibaba ng page na eto..

3. Open your Mozilla Firefox  Type this IP
open admin passgen get your modem Serial and  WAN Mac add.  then generate admin pass  (remove colon on MAC  " : " )

Paano malalaman kung v12 v21 v22  yan po yung last ng software version.

4. LOG IN use your generated admin pass. ( copy paste only )

5.  Go to Advance  tab  , then  click ACL   

Update  1 CLICK Check  ALL  BOX
Di mona Need mag  view source or Inspect Element maduling pa mata mo dun :P
Gamit and Webdeveloper  Tools  (yung nabangit sa itaas)
  • Click the Forms
  • Toogle Checbox
  • Check all box
Keyboard Shorct

Click  Apply  after...

Display Hidden Elements :

6. Remember   you install Open SSH ?
Go to  windows  run  (windows logo then press R)  or  search box on windows 7.
Type  :
ssh  mt7109@

For bm622m v 21 and up  :
ssh  mt7109@

For the First Time User i should pop out like this.  Answer it Yes

After answering close it  you will do this one time only!!! you can skip this step for your next  change mac because your computer  have fingerprint for the IP and account log in

7. Open the  Change Mac tools input a working mac  old or new series  this tool can auto generate user ID  and pass. click ok to continue  do nothing until it restore.

After   reload default it says reboot  your modem  Do not reboot it yet proceed to next step..

8. Change  Admin password  remember your generated admin pass?  paste it  here  the create new one like  "admin"  so you never generate  admin pass   again  , if you want to log in again.

9. Change 623m WiFi  settings  go to Basics then LAN  click WLAN  tab.
For defualt user :  http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2014/05/how-to-change-wifi-password-globe.html

10. Check your WiMAX Security
The tools already input  right the Anonymous  id  and password
User Authentication  - this must be the mode
Ignore Certificate   -  this must be CHECKED

11 . The FINALE..   Reboot your  modem.... Maintenance TAB  click Device  click Reboot..

After Reboot your modem must  be connected   if  input MAC is working....

Bakit  di reboot  at sncfg default yung command?
pag reboot kase di siya auto change sa security gusto mo gawin mo reboot at manual mo input nalang yung security dagdag trabaho ka..

Diba mag 1970 yun sncfg default?
Hindi ilang beses kuna tiray nag auto update naman siya normal na mag 1970 siya kung di working yung mac..

Change MAC TELNET Version


1.open a browser (firefox) type
log in as admin   (yung pass gen pang 2k12 2k13 pwede yun)
NOTE:pwede mo palitan yung pass neto wag mo kakalimutan

2.  Go to  Advanced TAB click ACL   ..  
3.On webdev toolbar Click Forms --Toggle Check Box .

On ACL  click Apply button... (much easy eto kaysa mag inspect element ka)

Kung wala kapa web developer meron dito sa folder web_developer-1.2.5-sm+fx open with mo sa Firefox then install mo  restart mo firefox gawin mo ulit step 2.

4.OK na input ka  mac pang 622m (NEW Series )or 622i (Old Series) pwede jan

5.Go WIMAX TAB > Security  Edit then Authentication Mode to User Authentication  and check the ignore certificate . CLICK APPLY

6.Maintenance TAB >> Device reboot your modem  ( unplug mo then plug mo ulit)  kung working yung mac connected na yan!!

To edit WiFi user and password   log in first then open this on new tab


Di eto installer self extract lang eto kaya  .exe siya para di sabog sabog sa google docs.



Di ako makapag change mac  sa Mybro or GP?
gamit ka ng pang open or back door .. sample tools a available sa internet  chicnagatas or media karne hindi ka mag kaka problema dyan kung inopen muna yung Telnet before ka mag upgrade..


Don Albert Quiachon said...

Sir! Nagana ba ito sa V100R001PHLC08B013? Sinubukan ko kasi pero ayaw gumana nung generated na pass para sa admin...

Jaime Lacson said...

@Don Albert Quiachon ERROR Login meron po link sa itaas naka kulay Orange sa ibaba ng post.............

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