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Extend your Free WiFi by Spoofing your Mac Address

Free citywide and municipal WiFi is growing faster than ever with new downtown hotspots popping up every day. While these networks provide a great public service, coverage typically extends only a limited distance beyond Main Street. Learn how to find and connect to your local free WiFi networks.

As free internet becomes more and more par for the course, businesses are hard-pressed to offer their clients (or passersby...) free, unlimited WiFi.

  • Obviously, Starbucks, McDonald's, and Malls (to name just three) offer free public WiFi. But maybe you're cappuccino-ed out?
    • Truck stops, car washes, and auto shops offer WiFi to waiting clients.
    • Libraries, city halls, and even parks are starting to offer free WiFi now. It all encourages local citizens to get more involved.
    • Plenty of hotel chains are now starting to jump on the bandwagon. Do a minute of research to find hours of gold.
It's great that coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi to customers, but many are starting to employ time limits to limit how long you spend in their establishments. If you want to hang out longer than allowed, these time limits aren't that hard to bypass.

How  Extend your Free WiFi?

You just need to spoof your MAC address. There are many tools available for free to change your WiFi MAC Address like  Cain and Abel, Mac Makeup, or change your WiFi  MAC manually without any tools. For same Paid WiFi you need to snipped MAC address use Cain and Abel.

 Manually Change MAC Addres your Laptop WiFi

1.Go to your WiFi  Network Status.
 Click Properties ,then click configure.

 2. Click the Advanced TAB  Click Network Address or Physical Address ,click  circle , input your NEW MAC  on  VALUE
You can view your MAC Addres by clicking details and you just need to change the LAST 2  Character or 1 value.
My sample here last is 75 I change it 70

After changing your MAC try reconnect and click another Free WiFi Agreement :)

I will update this for Android

UPDATE : For Android  You need a rooted Device  to make this  work.

There Free apps available just search keyword " Wireless Mac Address Changer" on Google Play
Wireless MAC Address Changer
Mac Address Ghost

Root Apps :  http://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/framaroot/root-framaroot-one-click-apk-to-root-t2130276

Tapos i install, buksan at pindutin ang "boromir" patch!
Pagkatapos mag patch, i reboot ang cellphone, pag may superSU ka na sa app drawer, rooted ka na. Install na din ng root checker basic sa googleplay para ma verify.

Oops!! di pa gagana yan need mo pa pala ng "busybox"  i download nyo nalang yun

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