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Tips and Trick for Huawei BM623m CPE User

Tips and Trick  for Huawei BM623m CPE  User

Block unwanted user to connect on your modem.
Block Porn site or unwanted  site.

BLOCK Unwanted Users  MAC 

1. Log in on your  Modem  GUI
2. Click Status  -  Click  LAN   View DHCP Client  , you should identify  which MAC Address  not belong  to you.  copy the  user MAC Add

3.  Go to Basic  Click LAN  - Click  WLAN Filter
Check Enable WLAN MAC Filter
Input  the MAC Add of user /device  you want to block
Now Even they Know your Password they un enable to connect.
(magagawa nyo eto kahit user  kalang at di admin)

Sample :

Another Option when you log in as  admin gives you time and day you want to block the user.
Advance /Security/ MAC filter
There is Blacklist and Whitelist

Block Porn Site

This need  Admin user 
Go to Advance /Security/ URL Filter  click the box to Enable

Check All BOX at once  Web Developer Tools need.


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