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Use Your Phone as Second Layer Security For Log In Approval

Get notified when it looks like someone else is trying to access your account. Use your phone as an extra layer of security to keep other people from logging into your account. Even if anyone knows your email/user  and password they cannot  continue to login, this is what a Extra Layer Security for Anti Thief or Anti-Hack.

For Online Account  Take Note  :  " DO NOT TRUST ANYONE  "  over your dead booty.
This include:  Online Games, Email , PayPal ,Social Network Account etc..

This Tutorial is for Facebook and Google  SAMPLE ONLY.

For Facebook :

1.  Add your own Active Mobile number   Go to Facebook Setting click Mobile. (Working yung gamit mo Talaga!!)

2.To Start Receiving Text Notification
  • Send On or Fb to 32665 (FBOOK) Need mo ng LOAD dito.
  • Wait 24 hours in case there's a delivery delay
 For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/help/163155247081024

3. Set your Facebook Security  Go to setting  Click Security

 a) Set your Login Notification , check the BOX Text message/Push.

b) Set your Login Approvals by checking the BOX , this will send a automated generated Security Code on your mobile number.

If your have Trusted Browser Please Delete them...

Now you can Test  it on any browser or device or give your email and pass to a friend and ask him to try to log in your  account LOL.


1. Log in your account this will show up  :)

2. Facebook will Send a "Security Code" on your Mobile.

3.Input your Security Code  click Continue..

Do NOT save the Browser .. Why? because if you save the Browser it will not ask you or send security code GET IT??

If someone trying to log in your account this will show up..

For Google User

1. Turn on your 2 -Step verification to protect your  Account.
Link:  https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthSettings?lp=1&hl=en-GB#devices

2. Add or  Edit a Active Mobile Number , Select Text Message (SMS) send a code for a test ,click save.


1.  Log in your gmail account.

2. This will show up  and Google will send you Security Code.

3. You will recieve this text (SMS)

In case you lost your Sim card  I suggest generate back code or add phone number
Link : https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthSettings#devices

Ok that's all   thank you :p

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