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Facebook Apologizes for Social Experiment

There’s always something new happening at Facebook, from its appearance to user engagement tests. Whether they’re changing the look of the newsfeed or trying out new products, it seems there is always something we need to keep up with. Infolinks gathered the latest Facebook news so you’ll have it all in one place, including why its COO apologized to users.Facebook Social Experiments.

Facebook is now apologizing for a social experiment it ran including over 700,000 users. The social media world was outraged and spoke out about having their privacy invaded.
The experiment sent the unknowing and possibly unwilling participants either positive or negative posts in their newsfeed. It then looked to see if the participants’ posts would follow the same mood.

In other words, Facebook wanted to see if emotional states are contagious. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke to user outrage by saying the terms were “poorly communicated.” One of Facebook’s data scientists also apologized, saying that in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best decision. He claimed that the company is working hard on improving how they review data.

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