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This video is yours?,Very bad video New Trojan Virus

This video is yours?,Very bad video New Trojan Virus
This new facebook virus had already infected millions of users worldwide.

What's the behavior of this Virus?
The behavior of this virus is it will automatically send message to your friends and once your friend will click the link, their account will also be infected by the virus and will send message to their friends.

If you remember the mediafire link virus  is almost the same.

I advice Update your Anti- Virus  Microsoft Essential is a Free Anti Virus  and Anti -Malware.

How to  Remove "This video is yours?,Very bad video" Virus

1.Click => windows + r (run)
2.Type => msconfig
3.Go to => Start Up Tab
4.Un check => RandomAlphabets.exe (aygfe7yrgfeirugh.exe) or something which looks like malware
5.Last step => ok and restart your PC :)

 Other way is to delete Start up Folder Entry :)

CCLEANER  -Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, Autocomplete form history, 
index.dat files.

For Google Chrome User :

Solution 1:
Go to
C:\Users\*your pc username here*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
Just delete the folder named "akagdpdjofpfkeolfhccmfbahdeokpog".
Solution 2:
Open Google Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Delete the "Facebook Video Plugin 2.3.1"

All Facebook users are advised DO NOT click the message link .

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